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HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy


HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy

Achieve Unmatched Gains with Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy.

If you’ve got an exceptionally girthy penis, it can be hard to find a penis pump that delivers maximum performance - Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy is all about fixing that. Fitting those with a girth over 6.5 inches, and including a handball designed to add maximum pressure, this pump creates unmatched gains across the board.


  • Proven, long-lasting improvements for sexual power.
  • Better erections and sexual stamina.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or full refund.


  • Fits sizes 5 - 7" (13 - 18cm)
  • Certified Skin-safe.
  • World's most powerful pumps.


Learn More About HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy

The Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy is an all-new product from Bathmate. We’re always looking for ways to accommodate for more users, with our Bathmate Wide Boy series designed to suit those who are too girthy for our popular Bathmate Hydromax7 pump, but who haven’t outgrown the length.

Until now, we’ve offered a Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy for users like you, but now, we’re taking it to a new level, letting you maximise your gains - we’re introducing the HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy.

Along with the ultra-powerful hydropump unit itself, our HydroXtreme series includes an easy-to-use handball attachment. Once you’ve filled your pump with warm water and attached it to your body, you can squeeze the handball to push out water, creating a vacuum inside the pump. This makes it easier than ever to maximise the pressure - and the results that you receive.

Like all of our HydroXtreme pumps, the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy is designed to create the maximum level of safe pressure, ensuring unmatched results. The pump is designed to work best for those with an erection length between 5 and 7 inches and those with a girth of over 6.5 inches.

Overall, Bathmate hydropumps have made a real difference for over 1 million users across the world, making us the number one brand for penis pumps. With our hydropumps delivering real results, we’re at the top for a reason - check out our Bathmate reviews or Bathmate videos to see what kind of results you can expect.

There’s often a bit of uncertainty before you buy a penis pump - does it really work, or are you just wasting your money? There’s no chance of that with Bathmate. We offer all customers a 60-day, no questions asked return policy, so you can see the results for yourself, and get your money back if you’re not satisfied. In most cases, results become particularly noticeable after about a month’s regular use, so you’ll have more than enough time to see the real changes that Bathmate creates.

Better Fit, Better Results

HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy will fit if your erect penis measures between

5 - 7In


13 - 18cm

In length

And less than




In girth

HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy will fit if your erect penis measures between

LENGTH: 5 - 7 Inches (13 - 18cm)

GIRTH: Under 7.6 Inches (19 cm)

Unsure of your size?

Learn how to measure yourself

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Daniel F. (United States)

Using everyday has changed my life. Can't recommend highly enough. The Xtreme Series is worth the extra $$

Scott C.
Awesome Product

This is the best money I have ever spent. Works great

Nicholas V.H. (United States)

Bought this one to replace my old hydromax extreme 7. Couldn't be happier. According to the size calculator I used the extreme 7 but that was a little to small once you get to max pump. The wideboy definitely is a better choice.

Paul H. (United States)
Hydromax7 wideboy

The wide boy is just what I needed. I ordered the plain hydromax 7. It was too small for me though I used the size calculator. Then I went to the wide boy. Perfect! I now have plenty of room to expand my girth. Follow the instructions! The first part of the session seems to help in length. Then massage for about two minutes. Complete the second part of the session. That helps in the girth-thats what it's doing for me anyway.
If you've been using pumps for a while and the calculator doesn't recommend the wideboy u might consider getting that instead of the "normal" pump. My girth is so much larger under vacuum than during an erection, possibly from already using a pump. If that your situation consider the wide boy! Great pump!!!

Justin R. (United States)
Best Pump Ever!

I’ve been using pump for years and this is such a quality pump that fits me better then the Extreme 7 since I’m girthy.

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