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3 Years Extended Warranty


3 Years Extended Warranty

When you buy one of our powerful range of Bathmate penis pumps, you’ll be offered a complete 2-year warranty, protecting you against any malfunctions that naturally appear over that time. However, for an extra level of pump protection, we offer a few different extended warranty options, each extending the warranty to last longer, helping you to truly maximise your gains over time.

Bathmate Warranty Information

When you receive your Bathmate penis pump, you’ll need to register to receive your warranty, done through our Bathmate Registration page. Every pump includes a unique PID number, letting us ensure that your Bathmate is a legitimate product, and activating the warranty.

Whether or not it’s activated, the 2-year time period for the basic warranty starts on the day that your pump arrives, so we recommend activating it as soon as you receive the pump.

Because we take data security and confidentiality seriously, we erase customer data 800 days after purchase, unless an extended warranty is purchased. If you’d like to benefit from the extended warranty option, then, make sure to buy in advance of this deadline.