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HydroXtreme Ultramale Kit


HydroXtreme Ultramale Kit

For the Man who demands the Very Best.

If you’re ready to get the best possible results from your pump workout, the Ultramale Kit collects absolutely everything you need. From our unbeatable HydroXtreme pump to a full accessory set, our Ultramale Guide and a full Lifetime Warranty, the Ultramale Kit means just one thing - real, guaranteed gains.

With our range of HydroXtreme pumps fitting anyone with an erection between 1 and 9 inches long, we’ve got a pump that fits you. Not sure which to pick? Just head over to our Penis Size Calculator!


Whichever size of HydroXtreme you pick, the Ultramale Kit includes the following, all designed to take your pump results to a completely new level:

  • HydroXtreme Pump: The most powerful penis pump it's legal to sell - pick your perfect HydroXtreme unit, and get ready for guaranteed results!
  • HydroVibe: Attached to your pump, HydroVibe uses the incredible power of two detachable vibrators to add a new dimension to your pump routine.
  • Bathmate Trim: The first trimmer specifically designed for manscaping, this lets you unlock the full strength of your HydroXtreme pump.
  • Shower Strap: Just attach this simple strap to your pump, and you'll be able to go completely hands-free when you're working out in the shower.
  • Max Out: Ever tried Jelqing? This exclusive formula is all about giving you better results, and each Ultramale Kit contains two full bottles!
  • Bathmate Control: Want to last longer in bed without the unpleasant effects of other delay gels? Bathmate Control is the answer for you.
  • Cleaning Kit: Keep your HydroXtreme completely clean with this specially-designed brush (and our antibacterial cleaning gel)!
  • Power Rings: A full collection of our most popular sex toys, these three rings are a perfect way to get even harder than ever.
  • Ultramale Guide: Exclusively written for this collection, the Ultramale Guide gives you real, proven advice on taking your sex life to an almost unbelievable level.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime protection for your HydroXtreme, ensuring your hydropump lasts as long as your gains.

Packed into a custom briefcase, the Ultramale Kit is a complete collection, built to give you absolutely unbeatable results. With a lifetime warranty meaning total protection, there's absolutely no better choice than Ultramale.

As with all our pumps, the Ultramale Kit is completely protected - for 60 days after you buy, you'll be able to experience the full effects of your pump. If you're not completely impressed, just get in touch with our team and return your kit to claim a complete refund!

HydroXtreme Ultramale Kit Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Robert D. (United States)


Christopher L.
Works very well

Definitely happy with it

Maxwell S. (United States)

HydroXtreme Ultramale Kit

Les F. (United States)

Great product

Montana W. (United States)
Worth the money! HydroXtreme is the best pump #BathmateVeteran

I previously used the HydroMax9 pump, for approximately a year. In addition, I used the HydroVibe with my pump (Love it, the vibrations take the experience to a whole new level). So, given my use of Bathmate products; I find the HydroXtreme9 Ultramale Kit to be worth it. First, the HydroXtreme has better suction than the HydroMax—the HydroXtreme's handball makes the pumping way more enjoyable because you don’t have to thrust yourself into the pump like the HydroMax; the valve on the HydroXtreme is improved, especially enjoy that the release mechanism on the valve can be locked, so you can attach the hose or handball to the pump without releasing the pressure. I feel that these two features are what set the HydroXtreme apart from the HydroMax, which to me was worth my investment in a HydroXtreme pump. So, at this point; I highly recommend the HydroXtreme pump—even if you think the Ultramale Kit is over the top. Now, on to the Ultramale Kit—based on what you get in the kit, its a better value than purchasing the accessories separately. First, I’m glad it comes with the cleaning kit, because keeping the pump clean is important—I use it while showering so when I soap myself down, the soap gets all over my pump—soap build-up and just general penis hygiene. So, I always wash my pump after use and dry it. Second, I enjoy that cockering are included—be advised they will stretch out, so you can keep them in the case. Third, I’ve been into jelqing since about 6 months ago and purchased the Bathmate jelqing lube. I really enjoy using Jelq, so when the kit came with two it made the choice to get the Ultramale Kit more appealing because two bottles of Jelq would run you approximately $100. Also, practicing jelqing does help; I highly recommend the practice. Fourth, I like that the kit comes with the Bathmate trimmer because having trimmed pubes are key to getting a good suction on the pump. I have tried the Man Scaped trimmer, which has a plastic head, and its not that great compared to the Bathmate trimmer. I like to use the included comb as my trimmers guide; I enjoy short trimmed pubes, I don’t like completely shaven. So, the Bathmate trimmer does a nice job of keeping my bush tamed to have good pump suction. Lastly, the case that all your goodies come in is pretty sweet. I like that its a sturdy metal case and that the inside has foam with items shapes cut into it.

With respect to shipping, I ordered this during the pandemic right after Christmas 2021 cause the Ultramale Kit was on sale and wanted to strike; remember I’m all about value. The kit was shipped from the U.K. to the U.S. and it cleared US Customs without any problems and arrived at my house approximately 2.5 weeks after I ordered it. I do acknowledge that it was during holiday season and was being imported into the U.S., given all that I was happy with its delivery time. The only problem was lack of patience to use my brand new pump (1 month using HydroXtreme).