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Hydromax X20


Hydromax X20

Discover real gains with the Bathmate Hydromax X20.

Note: The Bathmate Hydromax X20 is now known as the Bathmate Hydromax5.

With 92%* of users satisfied, and over 1 million units sold, the Bathmate Hydromax is the world’s most popular penis pump. Courtesy of our unique, water-based design, our hydropumps create real, lasting results for users, improving erectile strength and personal confidence.

The Bathmate Hydromax X20 is designed to perfectly fit those measuring up to 5 inches when erect. With a simple-to-use and completely safe design, Bathmate can make a real difference for you. We recommend the Hydromax X20 for both experienced and new penis pump users, but to get the maximum possible performance, check out our Bathmate HydroXtreme5!

After about a month’s regular use, you’ll start to see real improvements courtesy of your Bathmate penis pump. While results do vary by user, at this size, results tend to be particularly apparent. If you’re not sure about whether Bathmate will work for you, don’t hesitate to try it out - if you’re not satisfied, we offer a full 60-day no questions asked return policy.

Bathmate is the world’s most popular brand for penis pumps, launched over a decade ago with the world’s first hydropump. Since then, we’ve expanded our range to deliver better performance for users of every size, with our Bathmate Hydromax Series adding 35% more pressure than our original pumps, creating unmatched results.

Along with the unbeatable performance our penis pumps deliver, there’s another key advantage to Bathmate - they’re convenient to use. When you’re in the shower or bath, just fill your pump with warm water, and attach it to your body for a 5-minute session (we recommend 3 daily sessions for best results).

When you buy through our official webstore, we offer some useful extras for your Bathmate - a complete 2-year warranty, the 60-day return policy and absolutely free worldwide shipping. Buy your Bathmate now, or take some time to see the real results with our Bathmate Videos.

Along with our pumps, we offer a wide selection of accessories to maximise your gains and enjoyment. We’d particularly recommend combining your Bathmate routine with our Bathmate Max Out jelqing serum if you want to get the best possible results.

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