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Cleaning Kit


Cleaning Kit

Cleanliness matters, particularly when it comes to your Bathmate penis pump, with regular cleaning helping your pump last longer and (in many cases) work more effectively. The Bathmate Cleaning Kit combines a selection of accessories all making it easier to keep your Bathmate fully clean.

More Information about the Cleaning Kit

This kit includes several useful tools:

  • A custom-designed sponge set (separately available as the Bathmate Cleaning Brush) made to keep any Bathmate totally hygienic.
  • Two high-quality, custom-branded towels for drying off your hydropump (ideal for those with shared bathrooms).
  • A durable, discreetly branded Bathmate carry case, making the Bathmate Cleaning Kit perfect for those travelling with Bathmate.

With the kit designed to suit any one of our penis pumps, it’s a great choice for any user. We’d recommend combining this kit with our Bathmate Clean antibacterial cleaning formula, specially designed to help you keep your Bathmate completely clean - you’ll find a free sample in your kit.